This training will address how to teach children to ask for what they want. It will attempt to provide simple descriptions of teaching procedures. The complexity of the topic, the development of human language, will require us to present a good bit of technical terminology. We will make consistent efforts to explain such terms in common language when they are first discussed. For the convenience of the reader, a glossary is provided later in this training manual. Please access the glossary as needed.

This training manual includes a DVD with video demonstrations of the concepts and procedures described. The videos can be used for trainings on the topics presented.

Remember that team work is critical in mand training. Because so many complex decisions need to be made in this process, all people working with a student should present a consistent approach to teaching the mand based on a careful analysis of what the student can do, what they are motivated to do and the situations in which they will need to make requests.

This manual includes an expanded review of the content of the training video as well as other supplemental materials such as references, activities, charts, and data sheets.

We hope these training materials are helpful to you in your efforts to promote the acquisition of language for the students you serve.